Answering the Big and Little questions #ocTEL 2014

“Technology is not technology if it was invented before you were born”
Sir Ken Robinson


This is my first blog post as part of OCTEL and having spent two days in Dublin and getting home last night at 11.00 PM, my brain is finding it difficult to reflect at the moment.

Firstly who am I? i currently work for Jisc Digital Media as a Digital Media Adviser – E Learning based in Bristol.but I have over 13 years experience within the education sector, from ICT Manager, to ICT Teacher within the secondary sector to more recently as Learning Technologist within Further and Higher Education and as E-Learning Support within secondary education.

During my educational career I have been involved in implementing a range of technologies, including VLE’s, MIS systems, E-portfolios and Digital Media Systems. During my time within the Further Education sector, I was Project Manager for a Mobile Technologies project under the MoleNet banner, involving iPhones. I have also been accredited as a Professional Development Adviser under the eCPD programme run by LSIS.

More recently I have been involved with the implementation of iPads within the secondary sector, using my pedagogical expertise to evaluate apps and assist staff in designing schemes of work to support these devices, as well as assisting in the technical management.

Wow! That sounds a lot of stuff. Well in a way it is an in a way it isn’t. Technology is changing so fast that it is becoming harder to keep up. From MOOCs, to VLE’s, to PLN’s, from Social Networks to 3D Printing, from Tablet technology to 4G, the list is endless in terms of TEL. Fundamentally, what hasn’t changed is improving and enhancing teaching and learning to improve the student experience. And I think it is important to keep remembering this point. Too often I think we are seduced by the nice shiny thing and forget that they are just another tool at the end of the day. But we musn’t also forget, what do our Students want. Sometimes, we can assume too much and that students want everything online or indeed that they are able to cope with learning using technology. Learning is very different from being able to Facebook!

i am looking forward to gaining more knowledge from my peers and colleagues on this open course so that I can be fully equipped (or as I much as I can be!) to support those institutions that I hope to be working with in the future.


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  1. Hi LTG, Lucky you for spending a couple of days in Dublin’s fair city, and well done for getting in the blogging saddle so quickly after your return. I’d encourage you to spend some more time thinking about the questions that really matter to YOU, and that you hope your participation in the course might go some way to answering. This will help you decide which parts of the course to focus your time on (no one can cover all of it). Having some direction and goals will give you something specific to aim at, beyond just gaining more (unspecified) knowledge. I hope you enjoy it!

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